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Monday, May 31, 2010

The best soup ever!

It’s been a week after and I’m still stuck in overdrive. Needless to say, a research paper that’s due next Monday helps drive the machinery of learning with deadlines. But every Saturday morning I make a 6 litre pan of the best homemade soup. Think creamy thick vegetable with a perfect secret blend of spices and a chicken stock base, so rich, the aroma makes me dizzy. I make enough to last me all week, and anyone else who would like some. Lunch – the proverbial large bowl of my soup, a freshly baked Kaiser with ham and cheese and a touch of Dijon. Now, that’s fuel in any engine to keep up the drive for better research and a passion to continue. Could have used some of that in Edmonton. Wouldn’t that make a superb Project Portfolio – Soup as metatheory. Check out the island picture. I thinks that’s me 3 cars back from the front.

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  1. Hi Gerritt: Now that all the hurly burly of spring institute is done, I finally took the time to look at your blog. Love your writing, your art, and the sound of your soup! And your studio looks the very picture of tranquility. Enjoy the lull before the summer course(s) start. Are you taking one? I think I'm up for the ecommerce course, although my head is still spinning from the last theory assignment. Onward and upward!



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