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Friday, June 24, 2011

"A Summer of Project Mapping"

It's the home stretch until January 2012. I love maps and this summer I will be following a map I created to bring me to the finish line of my research project, aka thesis. On one of the pages in one of my research journals, is a spread called "interactional theory." It's a rough map, but it gives me a sense of direction. My background in creative project management taught me to divide a major project into logical portions, and not just follow the index. So, for the summer I will be gathering all sorts of research as well as write substantial portions of my own observations and analyses, including a harvest of all I have studied in the past year-and-a-half. Now, in case you think, "what kind of a summer is that?" Let me assure you I will have an enjoyable summer on our island paradise, among the trees, in my studio, by the ocean, with family and friends. It's just that I love this time of my life. Interaction not only as theory, but as a daily practice. Today I will make pancakes for all the children at the HOPE Centre. To all of you, have a blessed summer :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Four Weeks Later"

Just coming out of PSIBS, Post Spring Institute Blahs Syndrome. That and with all the intense studies that led up to the May session in Edmonton, left me pretty empty of any creative inspiration. I suppose that's the price of scholarly pursuits. Headaches on the left side of the brain and silence on the right side. I did manage to stay in touch with my coffee shop people drawing, but I knew one day I had to re-acquaint myself with my studio. So, I just sat there trying to think conceptually. Did a representational drawing and then an abstract, but my Masters research project kept taunting me to get back to the computer. Capitulation and confidence make and odd couple. But, today I'm on a roll again. Got some conceptual artwork on the go. One major highlight of course was our daughter's wedding and seeing all the grandchildren together. One such "flying angels" flew into my hands just be a special blessing that day. Tbc.

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