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Friday, May 21, 2010

Goodbye Edmonton

Goodbye Edmonton, goodbye MACT 2010, until I see you again. Lest you forget, you may be distant from my island home but you are as close as my heart and memories. I cannot forget you nor do I want to. We have much to do as a newly created community of friendship and scholarly kinship. Yes, I had my doubts. Now that the Spring Institute is over I don’t mind sharing them. When our oldest son was critically injured in a vehicle accident in Vancouver on February 11 ( broadsided by a 10 ton truck leaving him near death ) the next two months were extremely stressful for Alice and I as he needed all the help he could get. It meant a lot of commuting from our island home to Vancouver. It was difficult to stay focused on the fact I was going back to school and I was prepared to drop the whole thing if my son needed me. Thank God, our son ( he’s 40 ) became our “miracle baby,” and he had a remarkable recovery. By early April, I felt confident I could re-focus on the Spring Institute. My son’s journey is a long climb back up the mountain of full recovery, but he is doing well by himself again. So, unbeknownst to you my fellow cohortians, your friendship and collaboration meant a lot. And I thank you. Now, where’s that elective I signed up for? It’s gonna be the summer of island love, I mean theory, I mean ….. I need a rest.

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