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Monday, May 10, 2010

How to escape noise?

A restless Sunday morning while northbound on highway 2. Going for a long drive – anywhere. They were noisy at TH. Just a few pages of coffee shop people this time. My head is swimming in metatheory. Through Westmount towards Slave Lake. Noise following me in the shadows. Then there were the voices of my loved ones. I miss them very much. Back on campus in my cell, I have company all afternoon. Gordon Lightfoot, The Doors, Iona, Toby Emerson, Ennio Morricone, and Dire Straits. Life without television. And they can only connect me to wireless on Monday, when the office is open and I’m downtown attending classes. Even knowledge has bureaucracy. Those who stroll on campus look down at the pavement. I checked. It wasn’t my cologne. Nobody smiles. But it’s the noise of loneliness that drives my thoughts. But, there was an escape. I fell asleep while praying. I woke and the noise was gone. But, what’s with the rabbits? UofA, like UBC, VIU, and UVIC, all have resident rabbits. Lots of them. They stare at me. Is it a new campus security initiative? I was sure I saw a couple of them with bunnycams.

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  1. You should try and catch a bunny and remove the batteries. It would be a great coup on their marketing campaign. Maybe it would start too many questions. I think you are on to something:)



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