the view at 65 is worth it

Friday, September 23, 2011

"Always the student."

Its no secret. Life is a journey of constant learning. The photograph is me in highschool (1960-64, looking (pretending to look) totally immersed in my studies. Yet, besides the photo-op, I have always loved studying and reading. Reading for many, especially youth, has become a lost art. Somehow I cannot imagine myself on a "dark and rainy night, while the wind tugs at the trees, and a mug of steaming coffee is my only company," to lie on the couch with a laptop or tablet to enjoy a captivating novel. A book, like a drawing, draws you in. Technology and social media keep their distance while you remain at best a spectator. Even during my masters degree studies online, and lots of internet activity, my current Knowledge Management course will add more 3-ring binders to shelf already full of my other courses. My highschool photograph, therefore, remains quite contemporary.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Off and Running"

The view is from the top of Mt.Arrowsmith on Vancouver Island. You get there through a maze of logging roads. I have a detailed map book of Vancouver Island that shows every logging road. It’s a real asset if you plan to make adventurous journeys into the interior. I’m “off and running” with my core Fall university course on Knowledge Management. It’s heavy on the theory side, so it helps to map my way through from a top-of-the-mountain perspective. I call it “building a theoretical construct,” and it’s an appropriate metaphor for life as well, beyond the theoretical and into the practical. So, back to the readings and find my often elusive logging roads. Once a friend and I got lost (a dead-end logging road) and another time we got stuck sideways in a huge snow pile. Thankfully, a logging crew came along and pulled us out. Ah, the perils of eClass distance studies – and the adventure – at 65, now 66.

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