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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Essays and Papers on Hastac

For those of you interested in reading my essays and papers for research purposes or general reading, I have joined HASTAC to bring my voice to the public's attention. My first posting is a paper titled: "An Unfolding View of Cultural Engagement."
(Gerrit Verstraete - keywords: culture, cultural criticism, communications theory)
I checked and it seems best to enter the search words "cultural criticism". I'm about 4 down the list.

HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Advanced Collaboratory, pronounced "haystack") is a virtual organization of more than 10,000 individuals and institutions dedicated to innovative new modes of learning and research, with network members contributing to the community by sharing work and ideas with others via the open-access website

HASTAC was founded in 2002 by Cathy N. Davidson, Ruth F. DeVarney Professor of English, John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Co-director of the PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge at Duke University and co-founder of the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke University, and David Theo Goldberg, Director of the University of California's state-wide Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI).

Friday, March 8, 2013

"Back Again"

Too many blogs and only one that I really began as an encouragement to others who are considering going back to school - “back to school at 65.” So, here I am, still in school, having completed my Master of Arts in Communication and Technology at the University of Alberta, where I began graduate research at age 65. Now, as I approach age 68 in April, I am enrolled in a Doctoral program at St.Stephen’s College / University of Alberta – Edmonton. The format is still the same, as that of distance e-learning, research and annual Integrative Seminars on campus. My focus is a continuation of my Master thesis about “the intersection of art and critical thought,” with as a Doctoral focus, “the intersection of art, critical thought, and the kingdom of God (spirituality).” In the meantime, my actual studio work has all but slowed to a standstill, but that will only be for a season, until I have completed giving voice to my thoughts about art, critical thought, and spirituality. In the meantime, I find great pleasure in writing poetry and fiction. It's good to be back again, and I apologize for my absence.

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