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Monday, May 17, 2010

So what have I learned so far?

One thing I have learned is that the cliché about “rusty brains,” is only partially true. Add a good measure of the oil of learning and those gears will soon hum with activity again. Except for that habit of having an afternoon nap ( aka HPI – Horizontal Processing Initiative ), I’ve managed to survive the first two weeks of “back to school.” Tons of work, more tons of reading and writing, making presentations, and little sleep. But my vocabulary has grown, my insight expanded, my thoughts clearer, and the whole reason for going back to school is beginning to come into a clearer focus. Not bad eh? Except my legs complain from all that walking and I have not been very efficient in getting regular balanced meals. Too many vanilla lattes ( hey, they sell them right inside our university building ), big homemade muffins and Subway sandwiches.Mmmmm.
I see it’s almost dinner time. Oh yes. I also learned to be patient. With myself.

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