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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Please don't squeeze me

It’s the day before tomorrow. One day to go, and the Spring Institute will be finished, at least on campus. However, the journey continues in my island studio. But, I will need to warn fellow islanders, perhaps even wear one of those atomic energy warning labels on my sleeve. You see, the reason is, I have become an ecological time bomb. Squeeze me and I’ll rupture into an avalanche of metatheory, traditions, linguistics, cybernetics, social networks, protocols, file sharing, and a host of names and acronyms that feel like the proverbial Noah’s flood. It’s like Gabriola Island’s rainy season, when so much rain falls, the earth is saturated and the rest runs in small waterfalls and bit torrents ( I know, couldn’t resist ) down the road, through culverts, “over hills and through the valley,” to end up in the ocean and to start all over again. Yes, you may hug, but be warned. Tbc.

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