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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Put my foot in that one

I had conceived a brilliant idea for a new interactive social network.
So “MACT 2010” and right in there with all my fellow cohortians. After all, I am capable of new thoughts despite my ‘seniors’ status, right? Thoroughly impressed by three fellow graduate students who gave a brilliant presentation on Twitter, I proposed they start the network. I even asked if I could join their club. One student remarked that the idea was interesting ( not his words, but I was determined to believe he thought so in his head ). But his words were ”that’s so 1994.” Undeterred I pressed ahead advocating the merits of my creative deliberations. “But, it is a good idea,” I replied. Another member of the club smiled and said, “1994? I was in grade 10.” The resulting roar of laughter could be heard throughout Enterprise Square. I mumbled my parting shot, “but 1994 was good year.”

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