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Friday, May 14, 2010


One week to go, but this time no TGIF. The Spring Institute is only a preview of what’s to come, and despite the rollercoaster ride of graduate studies compacted into three weeks of intense on-camps work, I actually am looking forward to a summer and fall of study. Mind you, this time it’s from the spacious enclave of my studio. Did I mention it has three large windows, glass sliding doors and two skylights. And then there’s nearby Berry Point with a panoramic 200 degree view of coastal BC, just 3 minutes from my house. I make the 2 ½ hr drive to the Pacific Rim on the West Coast of Vancouver Island at least once a month. Imagine an endless Wild West sandy beach, where on a very busy day there are never more than maybe 80 people. Hello downtown Edmonton. But, the big city’s been kind to me. The smiling people who make those awesome coffees at a host of cafés are as welcome as the vanilla bean lattes themselves. Make sure you check the picture I’ve posted of my studio ( next entry ). Not braggin’. Just looking forward to solitude. And getting back to some creative work. But, should you ever make it to “the coast” feel free to come and see me.

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