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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week 1. Phew! What a ride!

I’m not one for mountain climbing. Like to watch it on National Geographic, but personally, I prefer a paved highway. Mount Washington, about 1 ½ hrs. north from where I live, is a spectacular snow-covered mountain, one of the best for skiing in BC. Don’t do that either, but loved the Winter Olympic’s giant downhill events, on TV of course. There’s a paved highway to the top. I don’t do rides at theme parks either. Not so this past week. Had to climb a pretty tall mountain called “sociopsychological theory,” and race down its rollercoaster slope, otherwise known as “stand-up presentation time with back-up Powerpoint.” But, I had a tremendous partner for the event. I think we aced it. Oh yes, forgot to mention. We had a blizzard this week. Got blown off my feet ( almost ) in a cool way. Haven’t had to “bend into the wind” for a long time. But there’s always week 2.

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