the view at 65 is worth it

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Overwhelming? Betcha!

Think of it. By the time April rolled to midway, I had 4 texts to read plus two binders full of course readings. And all in preparation for the Spring Institute starting May 2, 2010. Add to that 2 reflective essays ( all be they short ones ), a book review and preparations for an in-class assignment, not in the least of which getting used to working with eClass trying to find who is discussing what and the latest news, plus arranging for accommodations in Edmonton and trying to figure out how to get my student card ( did I mentioned writing big cheques for tuition and assessment fees? ), no wonder I needed a noon-time nap. Overwhelming? Betcha! But, I confess, I knew that was coming so I prepared ahead of time.
65 years old but upstairs ain’t no attic dustbowl yet.


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