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Friday, April 2, 2010

Wind, Rain and Power Outs

“When Cyberspace is down.”
Just when I thought I was back on the learning curve, our “metanemeses” struck again. A violent Pacific wind and rain storm struck, knocking out power at 8:45 am. No cozy “storm watching,” snuggling with hot chocolate. Power out means no water, no toilets ( good thing we have a rain barrel for the necessary flushes – I know, “to much information”), no heat, no light, brrrr, and no computer. I had planned to spend time familiarizing myself with eClass. I couldn’t even access Big Wave Dave to check how bad this one was. Power came back on 9 hours later, and Big Wave Dave says it’s supposed to subside later tonight. But there is a secret to survival. It’s called hardcopy. I read lots.

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