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Friday, April 30, 2010

My family was so glad to see me go

I must have talked non-stop during the week before my departure for Edmonton. I didn’t know I was that nervous. My apologies to family and friends. You lent me your ears and I kept them. Nevertheless, the big day came this morning. And of course I could hardly sleep both nights before. You’d think I was a kid again about to leave for Disneyland. Maybe I am. But at 65 I’m supposed to be “in need of” long sleeps. Ha!
I was wide awake at 2:00 am to catch the 5:15 am big ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver. I caught a bit of sleep in my car on the ferry. That’s when the rain started. All the way to just south of Merritt. Did I say torrential rains and snow flurries and fog? All three. But, a sunny reprieve in Merritt and through Kamloops. Decided to stop for the night in Salmon Arm. I’ve got a small pot of coffee brewing in my comfortable hotel room. It’s quiet and tomorrow I head through the big Rockies themselves towards Calgary. I can’t stop thinking about my course material and I’ve read and studied so much, that if anyone gave me a hug right now, I’d probably leak. LOL, tbc.

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