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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Falling off the learning curve trying to go "live"

Yes, I was all excited about my first “live” eClass session with my fellow students and faculty. I was up early because of the time difference between the coast and Edmonton. There I sat, headset on, microphone in front of my face, online, and right into the eClass home page. That’s when everything stopped. I tried for 30 minutes to wiggle and weave my way ( kinda like browsing ) through all sorts of links and buttons. To no avail. I ended up missing the whole thing.
“Was it my age,?” as I wallowed in self-pity.
“Have I made a big mistake venturing outside the world of distance studies where I am more familiar with things on paper?
I had to catch the ferry into town and the fresh ocean breeze did blow away the regrets, as did a visit with my granddaughter who was also on the ferry. So, I climbed back on the learning curve determined to try again. Later in the day I was able to access a recording of the live session plus show eClass that “I had been down but not out.”

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