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Friday, September 3, 2010

One last reprieve

There’s a stack of books and other course readings waiting for me as September begins my Fall research. So, to get a last reprieve before I plunge in, I went for a long drive and discovered “Nymph Falls,” about two hours “up island” as we say. An awesome sanctuary, a place of retreat to prepare my mind for the journey ahead. We all need places of retreat. My studio is a place of retreat, especially when I turn the music on and get lost in a big drawing. Retreat is not defeat. Retreat is as necessary as breakfast and a steaming vanilla latte. I knew of a pastor’s wife who had many children. When she needed a retreat, she’d sit on a kitchen chair and pull her apron over her head. Her 11 children knew that mom was in her sanctuary and on a retreat and they left her alone. She was the wife of John Wesley (1703-1791), founder of the Methodist church. That was before Facebook.


  1. It's Clive from Cumberland way. I wondered where you had gone...found this blog linked from figurative artists. Will check in occasionally. Interesting project, going back to school.

    No nymphs at nymph falls...?

    What a spectacular picture of Arrowsmith and what a coincidence; my cousin Jimbo and I were up there yesterday; we hiked up from Cameron Lake up to Cokely on the right, then up and over all those humps including the main summit to the south summit on the far left. Spectacular views of mainland; could see Olympics in the south, the west coast, and Mount Baker in the south, as well as up island. Then we walked back to Cameron Lake rappelling back down The Nose of Arrowsmith from the main summit. First time up there...what a spectacular part of the world you...we live in. Best of luck with the school and hope it doesn't interfere with your drawing too much. C.

  2. Thanks Clive. I agree. VI even beats new Zealand, some claim. Judging by your notes about your hiking and climbing expedition, you are a lot younger than I am. Although Nymph Falls was not extreme hiking, and I have trekked to Cape Scott, I'm inclined to consider studio work my real adventure. Study will occupy most of my time, but after 46 years of drawing professionally, I think a bit of a sabbatical is ok. Cheers. Gerrit



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