the view at 65 is worth it

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Elevator Presentation

My friend said, “give me an elevator presentation of where you’re at.” I said, “one course finished, the next one starts in a week, plus my proposed independent study has turned into two courses and both have been accepted.” He said, “phew! That’s a plate full.” I said, “Indubitably.” Which by the time we reached the metaphoric next floor, had grown into a huge awareness. I said, “my next four months will be booked solid.” It means putting studio time on hold, for now. But, I knew that would happen. In fact, all this “back-to-school-at-65” stuff is really like one giant canvas to me, in or out of the studio. Perhaps that’s a better view of life ( one large canvas ) than just the accumulation of major and minor incidents subject to the nods of approval of society. I can only imagine what the canvas will look like once I get to the top floor.

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