the view at 65 is worth it

Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Dr.Gerrit I presume?"

Yes, it's official. I have been accepted into the Doctoral Program at St.Stephen's College at the University of Alberta, where I plan to undertake research as a continuum of my master's degree, with a broad scope of "The Intersection of Art, Critical Thought, and the Kingdom of God." If going back to school at 65 was a rollercoaster ride of scholarly pursuits, with plenty of ups and downs (metaphor intended), then 2012 at age 67, will be a trip into space and back. If you can stay with me as I expand my adventure of faith, I will do my best to continue to be an encouragement to whoever wishes to be inspired by my journey. Over the past 2 1/2 years, many have shown their support for going back to school and I truly appreciate everyone whose kind words of encouragement kept me going. Of course you don't have to call me Dr. Gerrit. Just Gerrit will be fine. Imagine, graduation at age 70. And many thanks to my wife Alice.

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