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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Creativity as antidote or complement to academics"

Over the many years I have counseled and mentored individuals, I have often said, “find something creative to do.” If the complexities and challenges of life overwhelm you, creativity is an abundant source of relief. With just over two years of graduate research and study completed, and the prospect of a Doctoral continuum, I face these same complexities and challenges in academia. Even though I find solace in my artwork and studio, academic pursuits have meant a sabbatical of sorts from studio time. However, it is to creative writing I turn to refresh and regroup for the next university assignment. My faithful companion has been Cerulean, the principal character of my epic poem which I began in 2004. Cerulean, the long distance voyager, is now on his 8th journey. In addition, I keep a running chronicle of wherever I find myself in my latest novel, should a plot development emerge. All of it, a bit at the time, but enough to be the antidote when academic pressures overwhelm me, or a complement when I want to add colour to my academic writing. Some people dance, sing, play music, read books, or cook, others tend a beautiful garden, some engage a satisfying hobby, others collect memorabilia. Whatever creative endeavour you engage, “finding something creative to do,” is good medicine for the human spirit.

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