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Friday, May 13, 2011

Week two yahoo!

Not quite ready to go home yet, but my mind is starting to think (favourably) about the long ride home. I just finished week 2 of the Spring Institute and next week Friday on the last day, I put it all together for the Symposium. It's a time to showcase my poster which summarizes my final major research project. It's an opportunuty to present my project to faculty, fellow students and staff of the university. It's a very exciting time. Then of course, comes the "home stretch." Not just driving back through the Rockies, but to actually do the research and literature reviews to complete the masters studies by April 2012. Yes, there has been a lot of pressure these past two weeks, but with one week to go, I look forward to my studio and some time off during the summer before I undertake the last two courses of the program. Stay tuned!

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  1. Any how all the best for you project dude.... have a great & lovely days ahead.



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