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Friday, May 6, 2011

The first week is finished

And what a busy week it was, much like last year's Spring Institute. Wall-to-wall information processing until my head swam with methodology, research design and ethnography. Again it felt like I was on my laptop 24/7. I had to make a number of presentations, but a definite highlight was my special Silverpoint Presentation which had its purpose intertwined in my research as a metaphor for graduate studies. Being back in class with familiar faces was very special. It'll be a challenge to stay connected after this, our 2nd Spring Institute, when all of us will go our diverse ways, each in pursuit of his or her own research project as a final thesis for our masters degree. Tomorrow I'll take a break and go for a nice long drive into the sparsely populated spaces of northern Alberta. Then it's "back to school" in downtown Edmonton for two more weeks.

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