the view at 65 is worth it

Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Happy 66th Birthday"

I began this blog last year when I turned 65. Now I'm 66, and I'm just over halfway through graduate studies. Ahead lies the May Spring Institute at the University of Alberta. It promises to be as big a rollercoaster ride as the first insitute. But now I'm better prepared. I'm in good shape and the muscles of my brain are taut and ready for the contest. The rest of me complains a bit, but that's more a matter of exercise. My sister sent me a photograph with the encouragement that the place in the picture would be a good venue to do book signing events. Despite the disciplines of graduate studies, I have managed to continue writing epic poetry. Even published the second volume of Cerulean's Odyssey. It's my place of retreat when I'm tired. Now the studio, after a year of absence, is starting to stir me again. Patience. I spent my birthday with my beloved wife, children and grandchildren and lunch at a favourite restaurant. Beats stress anytime. So cheers. I'll be in touch from Edmonton.

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