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Saturday, February 5, 2011

“Virtual Teams”

It’s definitely a new age for me, that is, learning to adapt to team work and technology. A team of five of us just completed an assignment that spanned across three time zones, from as far east as Nova Scotia to a small western Pacific gulf island in British Columbia. No one had been assigned “captain,” so it was pretty much left to all of us to push forward by online discourse and consensus. A valuable lesson in the art of collaborative learning. Like this blog of mine. Its intent is not to advance theoretical or applied knowledge. Its intent is to demonstrate the reality of the learning journey. Many who read this blog belong to that “virtual team out there, somewhere”. Some, such as my collaborative team, I know as newfound friends in real time. But the journey is the same whether virtual or real time. The “e” in eClass is not only for education, or electronic. It’s also for encouragement.

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