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Friday, February 18, 2011

A case of GMOD

Amidst courses called COMM (Communication)and a graduate degree program called MACT (Master of Arts in Communication and Technology)and all sorts of hi-tech prefixes that consume my expanding vocabulary, I have found time to enjoy a case of GMOD (Grand-Munchkins Over Drive)in Kelowna. I had finished studying about external environments and uncertainty reduction in organizational domains, when I realized I was right in the middle of one with the uncertainty of a distinct possibility of more severe winter weather on two high mountain highways back towards the coast on Wednesday. I'm counting on the memories of an external environment aka 3 adorable grandchildren to carry me through the snow back to our island home. Amazing that I can check road conditions via DriveBC's many highway cams. The images sometimes are foreboding but other times assuring there's a reasonable way to get through. I love distance driving, but through BC's mountains, it's another world, especially when the winter sun shines. But, then it's back to mt computer and a case of COMM /MACT.

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