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Saturday, December 25, 2010

“The other cohorts”

Another year has come and gone and the prospects for 2011 look bright as I enter my second year of graduate studies. That includes looking forward to the Spring Institute in May at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. It will be a sweet reunion as I meet my fellow “cohortians” again. Many of them were very encouraging throughout 2010. The challenges of my first year were often overwhelming. But I am satisfied with the results having achieved a very comfortable grade for all my work. But, there is another cohort, a special group of people who provide an immeasurable amount of motivation in my journey as artist, author, mentor, student, husband, father, grandfather, and friend. They are my family both immediate and extended. Each a treasure. Each the real reason why this wonderful tapestry of life looks so good. To them and to all my university “cohortians,” I wish you a compound blessing for 2011, hoping you will find meaning in what you do and encouragement and comfort in those who travel with you and those you meet along the way.

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