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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

“Whales and Porpoises,”

Why I live and study on an island, and my university is a province away. A glorious moment amidst the chaos of life. The other day, my wife Alice and I went to Berry Point, a favourite place on the island just a couple of minutes away. It affords a spectacular wide-angle view of BC’s mainland and coastal mountains, Johnson Strait, and Vancouver Island. Suddenly! A commotion in the distant water. A mile long school of porpoises were chasing each other through the ocean, many flashing bright as they jumped out of the water. Another visitor to the Point, yelled, “whales!”. Three pairs of large Orcas, each about a half mile apart, came cruising past us. Spectacular. One pair came so close who could hear ( and see ) their blowholes. Somehow it put a kick in my step again to go back to my study and work on that Cloud Computing paper.(Not my photograph. Courtesy Google Images but a close match to what we saw).

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