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Sunday, October 31, 2010


I’m sure you have all faced some time(s) when you felt so overwhelmed with things to do and life to live, you got more and more stressed out about deadlines, commitments, obligations, etc. I reached such a moment last week. Carrying 3 courses at the same time, each with lots to research online and in book form, and with many essays to write, I began to feel crowded. Living on a small island suddenly felt like prison and when I planned to get out and go for a long drive up big Vancouver Island, the weather turned sour. It’s that time of year called rain, fog, rain, fog, and then some. I have to resort to a very effective method, proven solid over some 40 professional years. That is, the making of “to do” lists - on paper. No online file management programs, just scraps of paper I keep in one place. Small scraps so that when the task is done, you crumble the scrap in your hands and toss it. Job done.” Great cathartic moments. At least now I won’t feel so silly on my beachcombing adventures.

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