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Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Soup's On!"

Every Saturday I make a 6 litre pan of thick tasty spicy soup, usually vegetable chowder with either chicken or beef stock base. The pan lasts me all week. In fact, I’ve got a bit of a reputation for my homemade soup, as well as my pancakes, which earned me the nickname “pancake man” among the island’s children. I started making pancakes, the pan-fried “crepe” kind, when I was very young. They earned me a few nickels from a roadside stand I’d set up. Of course, after I got married and our 6 children and grandchildren began gracing our lives, it was pancakes every Saturday morning. The secret of my success? More than just taste. The real secret is dependability. People could set their calendars by the times I set for making soup ( and pancakes ). Dependability is an ingredient of integrity, as well as patience, kindness, faithfulness, and love, all the great ingredients of a soup called life. The kids are no longer at home and only when they visit do I make pancakes. But, the soup’s still on - every Saturday.

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  1. really inspiring post Gerrit, thank you for share your thoughts and wise learning in this!



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