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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dealing with the stress of it all

Sometimes things overwhelm me. Having taken up the challenge to go back to school did not prepare me for a mind that won’t shut off. I’m thinking 24/7 about essays, online discussions, research, and the long range goals of graduate studies, not the least of which is the culmination of all work into a final Project Portfolio. In addition there are of course all the other daily matters of life and relationships. My studio is clamoring for me to spend some more time there. In fact, it can all get downright stressful. How to deal with the stress of it all? Do something beautiful. It’s not what stress does to you. It’s what you do to stress. Doing something beautiful, such as spending time on a detailed realistic silverpoint drawing instead of my abstract art, is an antidote to stress. You may not draw, but I am confident there’s something beautiful you can do. Go and do it. When stress builds up, deal it a hand of beauty. It really works.


  1. Hi Gerrit, Just found your blog and I give you a LOT of credit for going back to school at 65 (I went to graduate school at age 38 and thought that was pretty courageous!). I will follow along and see how you progress...and I know it will be great! My blog is

  2. Nicely put Gerrit.
    Kudos for going back.



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