the view at 65 is worth it

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To all who aspire to reach 65 and beyond

To all who aspire to reach 65 and beyond, I commit myself to writing this blog as an encouragement to you and advocate that 65 is not synonymous with “out to pasture,” nor is it “retirement.” And if there’s anything I wish to accomplish in this metanarrative, it is to say with conviction, the best is yet to come. At least, now that the flesh has quieted down ( age has a tendency to make me more realistic about mountain climbing and dare-devil bravado ), I am about to enter a revival of my childhood years, that wonderful time when I could soar with the eagles and imagination knew no bounds. A revival where no digitally-mastered, mind-numbing, dummying-down, info-commercial-riddled, consumer-driven, viagra-worship world of pseudo-achievement has a hold on me. It’s been a long haul through that seemingly never-ending modern jungle, but I am glad to say, when I got older, I began to see new light, a confirmation that the city was actually within reach.

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