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Monday, July 8, 2013

A Day in the Life of....

Frequent visitor to the studio
You might have wondered what a person does when he decides to go back to school at age 65 in pursuit of graduate research. That was 4 years ago. I’ve completed a Master’s degree and I’m half way towards a Doctorate. I know everyone has their own routine, but sometimes it helps to see “how it’s made” from another perspective, mine. So, this is not a recipe for success. Just some encouragement for you along the way.
6:00 am, awake not by choice but by metabolism and bio-rhythms.
6:15 am, breakfast (favourite? Honey Nut Cheerios).
6:30 am, bike ride (seasonal except for the rainy season which is shorter than most people think when they hear about our rainy season in BC). 
7:00 am, at my computer which before my return to formal studies used to be 7:00 am in the studio. But, I am planning my return to drawing and painting.
7:00 am – 12:00, research and writing, mostly for my Doctorate, but I do find time for creative writing as well. Occasionally, I just have to do a drawing in the studio.
12:00 noon, lunch and quick nap.
12:30 pm, thoughts about what to do for the rest of the afternoon. Options are: continue my morning’s work, administration for the Drawing Society of Canada, keep up with my students enrolled in the Canadian Academy of Drawing, church & ministry admin., emails, blog updates, website management, etc.
3:00 pm, done for the day and time to visit with friends on the island.
6:00 pm. Dinner
6:00 pm – bedtime (10:00), Relax, Wheel of Fortune with Alice, reading.
Of course none of the above is cast in concrete. There are numerous interruptions, spontaneous chats with Alice, on-the-go decisions, Monday’s off-island to do Coffee Shop People sketches, work on my poetry, errands, and going for a nice drive “up-island,” cutting the lawn, my valuable meditation time, and the luxury of deciding to do nothing for a day. Oh yes, at least 2 Vanilla Chocolate Lattes (homemade, low-cal, honestly) per day.
Remember, it’s easier to change course when you’re moving than to change course when you’re standing still.

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