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Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Matter of Choice

“For most of my adult life I have chosen to surround myself with art, literature and music, including the art and writings of my own personal creative journey. I have also been inspired by the discipleship process of studying the kingdom of God and other spiritual studies. All together, these resulted in a critical thought process that gave birth to such initiatives as a nationally accredited advertising agency, a teaching ministry, an umbrella not-for-profit ministry organization, my Masterpeace Fine Art Studio, the Drawing Society of Canada, the Canadian Academy of Drawing online, and a “back-to-school” initiative at age 65 to complete a master’s degree and a doctoral degree. Many have supported and encouraged me en route, but it all began with a conscious choice to exercise my freewill towards quality decisions of excellence regardless of mistakes made along the way, and an abiding faith to ensure the foundations of my journey remained strong. Along the way, the environment of art has been a good place for retreat, reflection, illumination, and a sacred place to ponder the next steps forward."

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