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Friday, March 8, 2013

"Back Again"

Too many blogs and only one that I really began as an encouragement to others who are considering going back to school - “back to school at 65.” So, here I am, still in school, having completed my Master of Arts in Communication and Technology at the University of Alberta, where I began graduate research at age 65. Now, as I approach age 68 in April, I am enrolled in a Doctoral program at St.Stephen’s College / University of Alberta – Edmonton. The format is still the same, as that of distance e-learning, research and annual Integrative Seminars on campus. My focus is a continuation of my Master thesis about “the intersection of art and critical thought,” with as a Doctoral focus, “the intersection of art, critical thought, and the kingdom of God (spirituality).” In the meantime, my actual studio work has all but slowed to a standstill, but that will only be for a season, until I have completed giving voice to my thoughts about art, critical thought, and spirituality. In the meantime, I find great pleasure in writing poetry and fiction. It's good to be back again, and I apologize for my absence.

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