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Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 and beyond

Having completed all the research studies for my Masters degree, and a Masters thesis that will be done by early 2012, I have set my sight on 2012 and beyond. I have been accepted into a Doctoral Program at St.Stephen's College, University of Alberta ( pictured is St.Stephen's College ). It means that the goal of "going back to school at 65," has taken on a new dimension that will take me to age 70. My focus will be the Intersection of Art, Critical Thought, and the Kingdom of God, and I begin early in January 2012.

To chronicle my doctoral journey, I have created an additional blog. So don't be alarmed as I switch more of the discourse to the new (Doctoral) blog. I'll still be here, online, sharing my journey with you. The new blog is

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