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Friday, September 23, 2011

"Always the student."

Its no secret. Life is a journey of constant learning. The photograph is me in highschool (1960-64, looking (pretending to look) totally immersed in my studies. Yet, besides the photo-op, I have always loved studying and reading. Reading for many, especially youth, has become a lost art. Somehow I cannot imagine myself on a "dark and rainy night, while the wind tugs at the trees, and a mug of steaming coffee is my only company," to lie on the couch with a laptop or tablet to enjoy a captivating novel. A book, like a drawing, draws you in. Technology and social media keep their distance while you remain at best a spectator. Even during my masters degree studies online, and lots of internet activity, my current Knowledge Management course will add more 3-ring binders to shelf already full of my other courses. My highschool photograph, therefore, remains quite contemporary.

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