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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Digital tribes

It’s back to the books, or to be precise, back to a computer screen in the absence of books. Although I have to print some of the material, just to give my eyes a break,I do have a large screen as big as a double page spread. After a generous month of studio work since the university's Spring Institute of May (did some nice drawings), I am ready to punch the clock again for my summer elective course. It has an adventurous title: “Digital Tribes.” Some oil for the gears, my pith helmet and jungle outfitters gear, and I am ready to explore and discover digital tribes in the heart of cyberculture. Might discover a rare virtual community, and who knows, perhaps even encounter the mythical proprietary hacker, King Kong. We're supposed to have a heat wave this week, so I'll do my eClass early in the morning, and keep studio work for the afternoons. I’ll keep you posted.

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